Thrill your Palate!

Your time at Attean Lake Lodge is inclusive of all meals which may all be enjoyed in our dining area or at our picnic tables on "cookout days". We pack a boxed lunch for you to take along on an activity every day. We also pack you a paper bag lunch on departure day. We will never leave you hungry here!

Our many hearty breakfast options will keep you full all morning long no matter what adventure you might be up to.

Lunch choices vary by day but include turkey, ham, roast beef, tuna salad, chicken salad, BLT, hummus, and PBJ. Always served with a bag of chips and a freshly baked sweet treat. See a sample lunch slip below.

Dinner options also vary nightly except for Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday.

On Saturday you have a choice of caesar salad or clam chowder. Prime rib or lobster served with baked potato and corn on the cob.

Sunday and Wednesday are cookout days where we join together outdoors at the picnic tables (if weather permits). On these days, we serve pulled pork/ribs/hamburgers, chicken, veggie burgers, and hot dogs. All condiments and a large variety of salads are available on this day.