What should we plan to pack?

The weather can fluctuate quite a bit within just a day so make sure you are ready for any temperature with sweatshirts or jackets for cool nights. Make sure you have plenty of bathing suits, sunscreen and bug spray. In the evening, it is always good to have flashlights lying around so you can find your way.

Do we need to reserve a motor boat ahead of time?

No, we have a boat for every cabin. We will assign you a boat the morning after you arrive.

Should we call ahead to get the boat to the landing to pick us up?

There is no need to call ahead. Karl lives at the landing and he will inform us when you arrive.

How do we get to the landing?

Our physical address in many places says, "105 Attean Road". This is a home address! When you arrive on Attean road, drive to the very end until you see the lake. It is about 2 miles off of Route 201.

Do we need to bring beach chairs?

We have plenty of lounge chairs available on our beach front. People also sun themselves and relax on the multiple dock spaces we have as well. I would recommend that your bring your own beach towels.

Are pets allowed?
We are not allowing pets at this time.

What are the meal times and what kind of food is served?

All meals are included in your stay. Breakfast is served from 8-9 A.M. Breakfast includes a pastry of some kind, eggs, pancakes, french toast, fresh fruit, etc. You place your lunch order at dinner time the previous day. Lunch sandwiches are packed in a cooler and given to you at breakfast for you to take with you. The cooler can be brought back with you at dinner. Dinner is served from 6-7 P.M. We provide two dinner options nightly with a soup or salad appetizer and homemade desserts to top it off. Wednesday and Sunday evenings are cookouts where we gather by the picnic tables for grilled burgers, hot dogs, ribs, chicken, or pulled pork, depending on the evening. Every Saturday evening we serve lobster and prime rib.

What if someone in our party has dietary restrictions?

Please contact us prior to your arrival for any dietary restrictions and we will ensure your needs are met. We will send out a survey before your arrival to get additional information to meet your needs.

Should we bring fishing poles?

Yes, we do recommend you bring your own fishing poles if you can. However, we do have poles here for purchase if needed.

Can we bring our own alcohol?

Yes, you may bring any alcohol. We sell wine and beer in the main lodge so if you plan to have any drinks at the lodge we kindly request due to liquor regulations that you do not bring your own alcoholic beverages to the lodge.

Can we bring our own boat, canoe or kayak?

Yes, please contact us in advance if you plan to bring your own lake boat as we will make sure to have proper dock space waiting for you. For a nominal fee you may rent one of our boats - all equipped with a 6-8 hp motors and the proper safety equipment. We have plenty of kayaks and canoes and paddle-boards available for your use but if you prefer to bring your own you are welcome to.

Should we tip the staff?
We recommend that you tip our staff as they go above and beyond to make sure your expectations and needs are met. Tips are not included in the final bill. We will ask you at checkout how you would like to tip. You can add it on to the bill or ask for a cash tip to be distributed or hand out the tips to staff directly. If you do put the tip on the bill, tips will be distributed throughout our whole staff. This includes the Waitstaff, Kitchen staff, cabin/laundry staff & our dockhands..

How do we get from the dock to the island?
When you arrive at our boat landing, Karl will be there to call for the shuttle boat to our island, as well as assist you with your luggage. While you wait for the boat, Karl will happily entertain you with local history and amusing anecdotes of the area. He stays 24/7 in the little cabin we have provided him which helps insure the safety of your vehicles. He is as content in that cabin as most folk are in a luxury condo!

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