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Exploring Maine's History: Authors Gather at Attean Lake Lodge

In a quaint little town in Maine, nestled between the rugged coast and the dense wilderness, two men sat together, their minds alive with stories of the past. Peter Dow Bachelder (left), a renowned author and historian, shared his latest work with a longtime guest and author, Harlan Buzby (right), at the picturesque Attean Lake Lodge in Jackman.

Peter's new book, Vacationland a culmination of years of research and dedication, delved deep into the rich tapestry of Maine's tourism history. From its humble beginnings to its early growth and development, the book painted a vivid picture of the state's journey as a popular tourist destination.

It was during his stay at Attean Lake Lodge that Peter met Harlan, a longstanding historian of the lodge itself. Harlan, with his wealth of knowledge, provided Peter with intriguing details about Attean's inception, tracing its origins back to the early 1890s. Peter dedicated a chapter to the era of Maine's sporting camps and Attean Lake Lodge held a prominent place within these pages, its significance shining brightly on pages 87 and 88.

But Peter's book went beyond the realm of sporting camps. It transcended the confines of a mere historical account, becoming a gateway to a world of discovery. With his words, Peter sought to redefine the concept of a "tourist," diving deep into the very essence of this term.

Maine's tourism history, now forever immortalized by Peter's pen, would never fade into obscurity.

If you would like a copy of Vacationland by Peter Dow Bachelder or would like to contact him you can do so here:

Peter Dow Bachelder

P.O. Box 367

Ellsworth, Maine 04605-0367


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